Kay and Susanne Behrendt founded the Behrendt GmbH electrical wholesaler in Cottbus. In February 1992 the business began at two locations: the sales and administration department on Schillerstraße in Cottbus and the warehousing in Peitz, on the grounds of a former textile factory.



The managing partners acquired the property of the former Cottbus distillery and liqueur factory “G. Melde” on August-Bebel-Straße and consolidated the business activities under one roof. Since then the headquarters of the company have been at the historically influenced “Melde-Standort” in the city centre of Cottbus.


Beginning of the membership in the business community “EGE” (Elektro-Grosshandel Einkauf GmbH in Bonn) in order to increase the business performance through improved conditions of purchase.


First exports of electrical components for opencast mines to China and Thailand.


1995 - 1999

Business development and exciting years with renovation, reconstruction works and construction of an additional building on the former factory site.



Delivery of a lighting system to the German Embassy in Kiev/Ukraine.



Bundling of our expertise in lighting technology through the foundation of the Behrendt Lichtdesign GmbH (www.behrendt-lichtdesign.de).



Delivery of a lighting system to a hydroelectric power station in Qatar / Saudi Arabia.


Certification as Q1 system supplier for Deutsche Bahn AG.



Capacity expansion through opening of the new warehouse “Melde” on the company site.


Renewed certification as Q1 system supplier for Deutsche Bahn AG.



We have been an innovative, medium sized service company operating in the electronic industry and a reliable partner for industrial and public quantity buyers as well as for the craft, trade and service sector for over 20 years.


We have modern warehouse, factory and office facilities. Since 1994 our headquarters in the city centre of Cottbus have been demonstrating our commitment to innovative building technology where different products from various producers are integrated in a complex KNX bus system.


Our employees have made Behrendt GmbH to what we are today. Therefore it is important to us that our team is competent, skillful and motivated.