We are C-item management experts

We are C-item management expertsSystem suppliers – the ideal choice for industrial and public sector bulk buyers who want to optimise their supply chain.

You can significantly reduce your procurement costs by outsourcing as much of your stock warehousing as possible. We are specialists in the electrical engineering sector, so let us provide you with an analysis of your component range. This will then form the basis of proposals for the optimisation of required inventory and for possible alternative solutions.

We also take care of your individual warehousing needs, thus minimising your own storage costs while increasing the effective availability of the required items. We use optimised ordering processes to guarantee just-in-time delivery anywhere in Germany.

We are not part of any group of companies, so what we deliver is brand-independent and objective. We have everything you need – from planning and logistics right down to after-sales service – all from a single source.


Our services

  • Warehousing
  • Optimised ordering processes
  • Planning, logistics, after-sales service
    from a single source

Your benefits

  • Minimisation of storage costs through
  • Just-in-time delivery anywhere in Germany
  • Trouble-free, efficient project handling

We have the know-how for e-procurement

We have the know-how for e-procurementElectronic purchasing via e-procurement can save industrial customers a significant amount of process costs.

Many customers take advantage of our comprehensive experience of e-procurement and reap the benefits of electronic purchasing. The direct link between two internal networks results in considerable process cost savings for both sides.

We provide interface solutions to connect up with the various procurement systems of our customers (e.g. SAP). Placing orders online then guarantees a fast, simple, error-free ordering process followed by rapid, reliable delivery to any location in Germany.

A wide range of satisfied customers, such as Deutsche Bahn (Q1 supplier), the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament), enviaM, ABB, numerous municipal utility companies, Vattenfall and many others know they can rely on our outstanding quality and expertise as a supplier.


Our services

  • E-procurement
  • Online ordering

Your benefits

  • Process cost savings
  • Fast, simple ordering process
  • Speedy, reliable delivery

We are specialist electrical engineers for installations in factory and office buildings

We are specialist electrical engineers for installations in factory and office buildingsModern electrical and lighting systems in factories and offices call for a blend of functionality and quality.

On the one hand, high energy efficiency contributes to the optimisation of running costs and on the other, a modern and aesthetically attractive workplace means happier employees and better productivity.

Compared with systems installed in the 1980s, modern KNX bus technology can save up to 60 % of energy costs. What’s more, an eco-friendly, sustainable company policy that minimises CO2 emissions is in line with contemporary zeitgeist and enhances your company’s image.

And finally, modern technical equipment and pleasant lighting create an aesthetic ambience that demonstrably increases employee productivity and enhances the quality of the workplace.


Our services

  • Modern electrical and lighting installation with
    KNX building control systems
  • Aesthetically attractive workplace

Your benefits

  • High energy efficiency
  • Sustainable, image-enhancing company policy
  • Increased employee productivity