We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied

We are a modern service provider in the dynamic, demanding electrical engineering market, committed to ensuring that our customers’ projects run smoothly.


The basis of our success is twofold: first, a range that offers maximum customer benefits in terms of quality and quantity – guaranteed by our non-affiliation and independence from specific manufacturers – and second, a commitment to service that we really put into practice.


Besides the product range on offer, we are also committed to providing services such as training, on-site support and advice, sampling, planning, and supervision of complex projects – so our service portfolio extends far beyond the normal range of a classic wholesaler.


Professional management, our expert engineers and their high level of advisory competence, marketing aimed specifically at the respective target groups, and an ambitious workforce – whose experience and training are above-average for the industry – are the foundations of our success.


We aren’t satisfied until our customers are satisfied – after all, your success is our success, too.


Our services

  • Non-affiliated, manufacturer-independent, neutrality
  • Service philosophy put into everyday practice
  • Professional management, expert advisors with a
    high level of engineering competence,
    marketing aimed specifically at target groups,
    ambitious workforce

Your benefits

  • free choice of products,
    objectively custom-designed
  • Smooth processes
  • Success of your project